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    3. How Certified Rebuilds Keep Customers Up and Running

      November 15, 2019

      Since 1984, the?Cat Certified Rebuild Program?has certified over 25,000 machine, power train, commercial engine, hydraulic and component rebuilds across the globe and we think it’s only getting started.??

      Here’s how it all got started and why?the Program is only getting better with time…

      Introducing a New Way to Upgrade

      When hard?economic conditions hit during the 1980’s, many customers who needed to upgrade their Cat machines simply didn’t have the resources to purchase new equipment.? But at the time, buying new was their only option.? After hearing the voice of the customer and realizing this gap, Caterpillar worked with our dealers to develop the Cat Certified?Rebuild?Program. (Fun fact! The Program?celebrates its 35th?anniversary?next year!)

      Rebuilding?Highlights the Many Lives of Caterpillar Machines??

      “Caterpillar was one of the first heavy equipment manufacturers to provide this type of customer option?that?highlights the multiple lives built into Cat products,” said?John Baptiste,?project engineer - Cat Certified Rebuild Products.?“The Cat Certified Rebuild Program is designed to provide customers with rebuilt machines that perform, look and even smell brand new. Rebuilding their current machine fulfills the customer’s need for updated equipment for a fraction of the cost of new.”

      The program continues to progress to meet our customers’ changing needs and highlight the Cat dealer network’s outstanding service capabilities.?

      Getting Better?With?Age

      Today, the program offers rebuild services for complete machines, machine power trains, machine components, hydraulic system and commercial engine rebuilds.?

      “A rebuild is also a great time to upgrade your machine’s technology including?production-enhancing solutions like grade, slope, and payload technologies,” said?Dave Matranga, a Caterpillar market professional for engines and Cat Certified Rebuilds, in?an article with For Construction Pros.?“Our technology is backward-compatible within a model series, so an earlier model receiving a certified rebuild can be equipped with the latest technology.”

      They say things get better with age but sometimes, you need a little extra boost.?

      More Than Meets the Eye:?The?Logistics and Evolution of a Cat Certified Rebuild

      So, how does the Cat Certified Rebuild Program work??Dealers receive a?list of parts?(defined by program standards)?that must be inspected and/or replaced. They also receive?engineering updates and machine enhancements that can add capabilities the machine didn’t have when it was new.?

      Over the years the program has evolved to meet shifting customer needs, including in 2001 with the addition of Cat Certified Power Train.? This was designed for customers with smaller machines and involves rebuilds from the radiator to the axles to enable performance.

      certified rebuild before and after certified rebuild before and after